My net handle is Mura or Murasaki, and I've been into Prince of Tennis since late 2002, or at least that's when I started to really follow the series. I actually first watched one episode several months earlier because my friend Kim told me that she thought my favourite seiyuu played a rival in PoT. The episode was #22, Kaoru's Misfortune, the seiyuu was Suwabe Junichi and the rival he played, ad the reason I tried the series in the first place, was Atobe Keigo.

Due to what sparked my interest in PoT, I've been a Hyoutei fan from the start. I don't really like Seigaku all that much (I downright hate Ryoma), and the rivals are the reason I watch the series. Hyoutei in particular. My favourite character in the series is Keigo, followed by Shishido and Yuushi. I'm also particularly fond of Kirihara, Sanada, Chitose, Kura, Ohtori and Renji. Oh, and I have a mad crush on kantoku, but that's neither here nor there. XD

My favourite Atobe pairing is SanaAto, which I started shipping in late 2003, long before the anime's crack tango pair thing (which, don't get me wrong, I appreciate, but I really preffer the idea of the two of them having a tempestous Junior Senbatsu love affair in second year which blossoms into something more). Other pairings I like for him are SakakiAto, OshiAto and ShishiAto... and Chitose x Atobe is starting to worm its way ito my consciousness. I see Keigo as primarily uke: a very demanding, high maintenance, domineering uke, who expects his lovers to worship the temple that is his body. Although in general I don't like him as seme, I do find AtoTari to be amusing specially if Oshitari is transgendered into a big-breasted girl. I do NOT like TezuAto, BeKami or AtoJi. Just so you know.