Updates Archive

New sister site: June 28, 2006
I've added the link to Rough Diamond, the fanlisting for Kato Kazuki (listed under Musicians at TFL), which I finished a couple of days ago. Please visit and join if you're a fan of Kato Kazuki. =D

TeniMyu lyrics: February 09, 2006
Added the translations of Flaming Ice, Solitaire and Higher!, done by Athena.

TeniMyu info: January 23, 2006
Added information about TeniMyu and Katou Kazuki. <3

Because we all know who *should* win...: January 20, 2006
See that blinking button? It's a link to Atobe Keigo Ouen Dan, which is basically... a site for cheerleading Keigo. LOL. Basically, go grab a button and link to them to show that you think Atobe should beat Ryoma in the match currently going on in the manga. ^^

New codes: January 15, 2006
I redid all the codes for the fanlisting, and made new ones featuring TeniMyu!Keigo.

Crosslisted: January 11, 2006
I've been approved to crosslist this site at TFL to cover Keigo in TeniMyu. =D

More TeniMyu translation: December 28, 2005
Added the translation to Do Your Best, by Athena.

Boogie Woogie translation: December 15, 2005
Posted the translation of Keigo's TeniMyu song, Ore-sama no Bigi ni Bugi Wugi, courtesy of Hi-chan.

Birthday!: October 04, 2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEI-CHAN!! I was supposed to unveil the revamped site today as a birthday present, but was a day early. Anyway, here it is. ^_^

New layout, too early =D: October 02, 2005
Well, I meant to unveil the new layout on Keigo's birthday, but seeing as how I'm a dumbass, I seem to be one day ahead and thought Monday would be the 4th, and eeeeeh, let's just say this is a preview. Humour me. XD