Atobe is a diva, arrogant, conceited, spoiled and filthy rich. He is also an exceptional student and a very talented tennis player. But it's not even that one forgives him his attitude because he really is that good... Atobe Keigo is captivating, he pulls you in, and somewhere along the way, you simply end up believing that the adoration is nothing more than what he deserves.

Atobe Keigo is, to put it simply, larger than life. He's gorgeous, talented, intelligent, knows it, and flaunts it. He believes that he is the best and that therefore he deserves the best. He's universally adored at his school, where he rules like a shinning prince. Yes, this all means that he is incredibly egotistical, arrogant and something of a diva; and while these traits are generally considered unattractive (specially in excess), Atobe Keigo somehow makes it work.

Perhaps one is willing to forgive his numerous conceits because he really is that good. More than likely, though, people (us, the fans of Prince of Tennis, included) people not only forgive but relish these traits for the same reason that we do it with pop stars and other celebrities: Atobe is not an arrogant, talented 15 year-old boy; he's a star, he knows it and behaves like one, with all the positive and negative things that that implies. And the rest of the world loves him for it.

In addition to natural talent, intelligence and good looks, a factor that definitely came to play in shaping Atobe's personality is his wealth. As the only son of a succesful businessman, Atobe was born with a silverpoon in his mouth. His family is ridiculously wealthy, and he's used to an extravagant, opulent lifestyle. He's used to being waited on and to being able to have anything he wants, either because of wealth or because of his talent.